Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pocket Frogs Puzzles


In the race format, the frog you choose shows up with 4 other frogs, all of the same level. Your frog has an amount of speed and stamina, which determines the max speed your frog can go, and how long it can hold that speed. As your frog races, its happiness level decreases. During the race you have the option of using a potion to revive your frog's happiness. If you win, you have the option to select an opponent frog to keep, or a prize of coins. Second and third also receive coin prizes, but do not get to take a frog.


Puzzles are games that make your frog's happiness bar go up, you can win coins, potions, frogs, and habitat backgrounds. You have to get 3 or more frogs of the same color in a row and facing the same direction. Once you do that, the lily pads they're standing on light up. Once you have all the lily pads lit you win a prize

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Pocket Frogs Game Info

Pocket Frogs is a game developed and published by NimbleBit for the Apple App Store and Android Market. It was released as a free game with additional in-app purchases. The aim is to earn money by breeding and selling your own frogs.

When the game begins, the player owns two frogs, a Cocos Bruna Anura and a Green Folium Anura, one regular habitat, a nursery habitat, and 1000 coins. In the pond view, players control their frog, eating flies to tame it, which makes it happy, breeding with other frogs players find, and finding presents. Presents include various breeds of frogs, potions (for quick frog growths and races), stamps (for quick delivery of mailbox items) and coins (which you use to order frogs in the Froggydex, Catalog, or FrogMart, and to order sceneries or habitat backgrounds from the Supply Shop). Your potions and stamp count are located in upper left corner of the screen, your XP is located in the upper right corner of the screen, your coin count is located at the lower left corner of the screen, and the back/menu button is located at the lower right corner of the screen. Besides taming the frog, eating flies increases their happiness and, if they are not yet mature, can lessen the time left to maturation. The size of the flies vary and the bigger the fly the happier the frog. You receive approximately 10% of the frog’s value in experience points when they are tamed and it takes 3x the rarity of the frog in flies to tame them. Frogs can also be gifted via Game Center. The game is set in real time, which means that it may take up to 2 days for a frog to hatch and grow into an adult. You level up by earning a set amount of XP which increases with every level. To level up you need to get the required number of XP, or experience points, located in the top right corner during game play, to automatically level up to the next level. The highest level is 115, at which your score to level up becomes negative one even though you have passed to a non-negative number.

Discover, collect, and breed over 15,000 unique frogs, anytime, anywhere with fellow Android players on Mobage!

  • Race your frogs for special rewards
  • Breed a diverse and unique collection of frogs
  • Customize and decorate each of your frog habitats
  • View your friends' habitats and frogs
  • Explore the pond to find rewards and discover rare frogs
  • Trade frogs and habitat items with friends
  • Breed a diverse and unique collection of frogs
  • Play anytime, online or off
  • Beautiful high resolution Retina graphics
  • Customize and decorate each of your frog habitats
  • Over 60 challenging awards to earn
  • View your friends' habitats and frogs
  • Different in-game items available every day
  • Explore the pond to find rewards and discover rare frogs

Pocket Frogs Cheats

Main Glitches

There are two main in-game glitches that can be used to make money and level up faster. They are:
  • Racing Cheat -(Does not work on Android) the easiest and most risk-free method of "cheating". There are two ways a player can perform this cheat. First, the player races a selected frog and takes first place. The player then selects the option to take an opposing frog. After this the two options come into play:
Option 1 -After winning a race and selecting the "Take Frog" option, the player taps every desired frog at the same time, and selected frogs will be mailed to the player's mailbox, providing that there is sufficient space.
Option 2 -The player selects a single frog, and after the dialogue box prompting you to accept the frog or cancel, the player "rubs" the location in lanes where the frogs are sitting behind the box. The "rubbed" frogs will be shipped to your mailbox, and in some cases the player ends up with the same frog twice. This method can be used to obtain the same frog multiple times.
  • Mailbox Cheat -The most dangerous cheat of all is called the "Mailbox Hack", "Mailbox Cheat", or the "GCA (Green Callaina Anura) Cheat". The player empties the mailbox except for one frog, delivered. The player then places the frog by tapping the nursery simultaneously with TWO fingers. The frog will be in the nursery twice, and in the mailbox once, and the mailbox will have 255 random frogs and items in it. This cheat has been reported to remove frogs from the Froggydex without a way to restore them, freeze the app, alter the app icon on the home screen, make frogs un-selectable, place frogs in the mailbox that are not delivered or take -1 stamps to deliver, and place "null" items in your mailbox. Players will then have to wait until the problem is fixed, restart their device or completely reinstall the app and start over. For this reason this cheat is very unpopular among earnest players.

More Cheats

  • Inifinite Daily Prizes Cheat -After you collect the daily prize, exit Pocket Frogs and go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Date & Time (if "Set Date & Time" is not an option, turn off wireless and it should appear), and set the time forward/backward 1+ days, then return to Pocket Frogs, get the daily prize, set the date back to present time, and collect the daily prize again. This cheat can be repeated over and over again to get how ever many prizes thou doth desire. However, Androids can only time travel a few times. If you do it too much, Pocket Frogs will crash.
  • Fast Maturing Cheat -You might wonder how to make an egg mature almost immediately... Well, it's possible! -There are 2 ways to do this:
1: Select the frog you want to breed with and go to the breeding screen, then change the date to preferably 2 days in the past, return to Pocket Frogs (still on the breeding screen) and breed with the frogs you want to breed with. Then change the date back to present time and go to the nursery, your eggs should now be fully grown mature frogs!
2: If you already have the egg/hatchling you watch mature during present time, then change the date to preferably 2 days in the past, return to Pocket Frogs, then change the date back to the present time, and your egg should be a fully grown mature frog!
While it is not clear what other cheats are being used, there are various cheats allowing users to falsify their accomplishments, thus all high scores listed in the leaderboard (Coins, XP, Lifetime Frogs, Flies Eaten, Pond Presents, and Gifts Sent) are not true and actually reflect players ability to hack the software. For example the Pond Presents leader (as of 3/28/2012) claims to have collected 1215752207 presents which would be equivalent to finding one present every second of every minute of every hour of every day for 38 years, 6 months, and 18 days.

Frog Levels' Time to Maturity

  • Level 1: 30 mins.
  • Level 2: 36 mins.
  • Level 3: 1 hr. 3 mins.
  • Level 4: 2 hrs. 14 mins.
  • Level 5: 4 hrs. 46 mins.
  • Level 6: 9 hrs. 20 mins.
  • Level 7: 16 hrs. 53 mins.
  • Level 8: 1 day, 4 hrs.
  • Levels 9-32: 1 day, 21 hrs.

frogs list during each level

  • Level 1: Anura
  • Level 2: Crustalli, Velatus
  • Level 3: Clunicula, Marmorea, Puncti, Tribus, Lanterna, Glacio
  • Level 4: Zebrae, Adamantis, Africanus, Ludo
  • Level 5: Partiri, Nasus, Roboris, Bovis, Marinus
  • Level 6: Mixtus, Calyx, Viduo, Dextera
  • Level 7: Stellata, Serpentis, Spinae, Geminus
  • Level 8: Nimbilis, Cesti, Bulla
  • Level 9: Sagitta, Amfractus, Orbis
  • Level 10: Ornatus, Sol, Obaro
  • Level 11: Lucus, Ligo, Persona
  • Level 12: Corona, Arbor, Vinaceus
  • Level 13: Ocularis, Insero, Gyrus
  • Level 14: Biplex, Pingo, Trivium
  • Level 15: Calvaria, Floresco, Bulbus
  • Level 16: Magus, Veru, Signum
  • Level 17: Templum, Papilio, Pluma
  • Level 18: Cornus, Volta, Flecto
  • Level 19: Figularis, Aceris, Lunaris
  • Level 20: Tabula, Pictoris, Shelbus
  • Level 21: Skeletos, Pyramis, Lotus
  • Level 22: Spira, Planeta, Mazeus
  • Level 23: Palma, Coclearis, Mustacium
  • Level 24: Axis, Igneous, Infinitas
  • Level 25: Dimidus, Nodare, Scutulata
  • Level 26: Botulus, Americano, Arcus
  • Level 27: Janus, Vicis, Symphonia
  • Level 28: Favus, Levar, Gemma
  • Level 29: Tessera, Pistrix, Frondis
  • Level 30: Nebula, Fractus, Hennae
  • Level 31: Pulvillus, Quilta, Foramen
  • Level 32: Emblema, Fortuno